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Blacksmith - Game

Blacksmith is a meta-game prototype in which the player, as the blacksmith, helps the Hero and fight against the Supvervillain by assigning monsters equipment and chests. The game is potentially developed to  an asymmetric 3-player game (the game idea was developed from a Global Game Jam project). [Course project, May 2020]


Design - Zhizhou Yang, Jiahui Hu, Zheyuan Chen,

Code - Jiahui Hu

Art - Zheyuan Chen, Jiahui Hu


Chest Artisan is a point-and-click strategy meta-game in which the player, as the chest artisan behind the scene, repairs chests, puts items inside, and gives to monsters. The game tries to answer the question why an irrelevant item will appear after the player beats a monster. [Global Game Jam 2020, 2 February 2020]


Jiahui Hu, Zheyuan Chen, Zhizhou Yang, Xinyuan Xu

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